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Section 1

The Club shall be known as PROST Inland Empire.


Section 1

The objectives of The Club are to encourage and promote social interaction, goodwill, and understanding of the Travel and Tourism Industry through education and networking.

Section 2

The Club shall not:

a)   Be used to the business interest of one individual member.

b)   Impose restrictions on any members or guests based on social standing, gender, race, religion and/or politics.

c)   Be used in any way as a commercial enterprise for profit.

Section 3

The organization shall be deemed a nonprofit organization according to the laws of the State of California.


Section 1

The Club shall be governed in accordance with the by-laws, by the Executive Board comprised of no less than five (5) officers and members, all of whom are elected by the general membership at the end of the fiscal year, and who will serve for a term:


                           a) Two (2) years for officers in one position.

                           b) Treasurer, who will serve a minimum of two years and a maximum of four years.


Section 2

Executive Board Officers will be:



Vice-President of Membership

Vice-President of Education

Vice President of Venues



Vice-President of Technology

Immediate Past President.

Section 3

Immediate Past President may serve on the Executive Board for a period of one (1) year following the term of Office and shall retain Executive Board privileges during that time.


Section 4

In the event of the resignation of any Executive Board Member, or if a vacancy is created due to unforeseen circumstances, the Executive Board shall appoint a qualified Club Member or rotate within the board to serve the unexpired term of the departing Board Member.

Section 5

In the event the President is an absentee, the Treasurer will conduct the meeting.


Section 1

Active Membership shall be extended only in accordance with the By-Laws. Potential Members are to pay a yearly membership fee on a per-person basis. The membership fee amount is to be reviewed each year and voted on by the Executive Board.

Section 2

Membership shall be limited to 100 individuals in the categories outlined below.  Member's place of business shall be within the Greater Inland Empire of Southern California and Member should be employed in the Travel/Tourism/Hospitality Industry. Club Membership will be comprised of:  


      1.   Travel Agents 

      2.   Airline /Consolidator 

      3.   Tourism Office Representatives 

      4.   Hotel/Motel/Resort Representatives 

      5.   Cruise Line Representatives 

      6.   Tour Operator Representatives 

      7.   Media and Rep Firms 

      8.   Ground Transportation 

      9.   Trip Insurance Providers 

           a)  A representative must be a member of The Club to present their company/brochures/products                     unless, they are giving an educational presentation or attending the vendor presentation or                         holiday event.

           b)   If a representative from a respective organization loses employment within the Travel Industry                     for any reason, said member will remain on the Membership Roster for the remainder of the                         calendar year. Membership dues will not be refunded.

           c)   If an Industry-unemployed member chooses to leave the Travel/Tourism industry, membership will                   be terminated upon receipt of the written request. Membership dues will not be refunded.

           d)   If an industry (member) is found guilty of any crime pertaining to the travel                                                   industry/membership within the club, membership will be terminated.  That member will be                         banned from the Club.  Membership dues will not be refunded.

           e)   Membership renewal dues are to be paid one week prior to the first luncheon meeting, in                             February of each year. Prospective members may pay dues upon joining PROST Inland Empire                   throughout the year. Dues are valid until 31 December of every year.


Section 1   Meeting place and cost shall be determined by the Vice-President Venues each

                    each month prior to the event at the Club’s board meeting.  Upon approval from

                    the board, it will be given to the VP Webmaster to put on the website for the members

                    to start paying their luncheon as soon as 30 days prior to the event.


                    Board Meetings shall be held by zoom during business hours every other month beginning

                    in January.  General Meetings shall be held during business hours on the third Wednesday

                    of every other month, beginning in February, and following April, June, August, October,

                    and December.


​                             a) Unless otherwise noted, luncheon meetings shall begin at 11:30 am for

                           registration and check-in, followed by our introduction of members/guests

                           attending, the introduction of an educational guest speaker followed with a

                           social luncheon. Lunch is served at 12:00 noon.

                      b) Guest Speaker shall be arranged by our Vice President of Education.  The

                           Speaker will be announced at the Club’s board meeting prior to the event

                           and given to the VP Webmaster to put on the website 30 days prior to the


                      c) Speaker is to be employed within the Travel/Tourism Industry.

                      d) Speaker is not to promote his/her company but, will give an educational

                          presentation based on his/her expertise within the industry.

                      e) Speaker (1) shall be invited to the luncheon meeting as a guest of                                                                  Prost Inland Empire


Section 2   The first General Meeting of the year, in February, shall include the introduction of our                                  newly elected Executive Board Members approved at our December luncheon, and new Paid

                  Members for the fiscal year.


Section 3   RSVP’S MUST BE RECEIVED by 2 pm the Wednesday (1 week) prior to the Luncheon

                    Meeting.  Restaurants have changed their policies and are required more restrictions.

                    RSVP Cancellations received AFTER 2 pm the Wednesday before the preceding luncheon,                          are the sole responsibility of the Club Member or Guest and monies will not be refunded. No-                      Show Members or Guests, if paid in advance, will not be refunded. 


                       a) No payments can be accepted at the door of any luncheon.

                       b) No substitution.   A canceling Attendee may not send a substitute to take their place at a                             luncheon.

                       c) In the event of a family emergency, hospitalization, or accident at the Luncheon                                           Attendee’s payment may be carried over to the following luncheon.


Section 4   The Holiday Luncheon shall be open to all Members, Active Members since January of the

                    year, who have attended at least 3 out of the 5 luncheon meetings during the year. 


Section 5   Executive Board Meeting date/time has been described under Section 1, however, more than

                  one-half of the Boards Members must be present for a quorum.  The Board dates can be                            open and flexible.

                      a) Board Meeting Minutes are to be written by the Secretary.  Previous Meeting minutes are                              to be read and approved by the Executive Board prior to each Board Meeting.

                      b) Board Meetings are open to any Club Members.

                      c) No member or vendor personal phone numbers will be  given to anyone.


Section 6   The By-Laws may be amended by the Executive Board Members at any time.  Any PROST

                    Inland Empire Active Member may submit a proposed By-Law amendment to any current

                    Executive Board Member in writing.  By-Law amendments that are approved will

                    immediately become a part of the By-Laws and will be written as such and posted on the

                    Prost Inland Empire website.

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