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At PROST Inland Empire, we hold meetings every 3rd Wednesday of every other month at local restaurants in the Inland Empire. We invite travel industry specialists to update, and educate us on destinations, airports, etc. You will get to network with vendors and other Industry professionals. Our luncheons are fun and educational. 

Meetings open at 11:30am, with lunch begins promptly at 12pm. Meeting notices will be posted 3-4 weeks prior to event on this website under Upcoming Events.

Email your 2022 Membership Application to
Membership is $35 per person, per calendar year for both travel advisors and vendors.   
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Membership is per individual, not per agency or company.
Dues are non refundable and non-transferable. 
 **Valid from January - December 

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Join us at our Meetings

At PROST Inland Empire, we hold meetings every 3rd Wednesday of every other month with luncheons starting at 11:30 AM. Lunch will begin promptly at 12:00 PM. A new venue will be picked for each luncheon.

Meeting notices will be posted on this website under Upcoming Events, approximately 30 days in advance.


Cost: Advance payment required

$30 per Travel Agent Member

$40 per Travel Agent Non-Member

$40 per Vendor Member

$50 per Vendor Non-Member


Prepaid RSVPs are requested at least 10 days prior to luncheon date.


To stay active, members are expected to attend 50% of the meetings per year.

Members are encouraged to bring guests within the industry to any luncheon.


Annual dues are $35 per member. Dues should be paid at time of membership, and valid from January through the end of that same year, ending Dec. 31. 

   RSVPs without advance payment, and no-shows, will be billed for the meeting cost.

1. Invitation responses should be made per the "RSVP Date" link.

2. Checks should be sent, as directed, to the Treasurer. Payment may also be made to any PROST IE Board Member ahead of the due date, or via PayPal as directed on the website.





Application for membership must be sponsored by two members in writing to the Executive Board, accompanied by two business cards of prospective members. Prospective members must have attended three (3) meetings and there must be an opening in their category.


If a category is filled, prospective members will be placed on a waitlist in the order of their application. Applications will be reviewed monthly and a ballot will be sent out to membership. In order to become a member the prospect will need to obtain 75% approval of the ballots.

Our travel group is limited to 100 members in categories as outlined below, who have been nominated by at least two active members and approved by the Board. 

(not to exceed 40)

(not to exceed six)

(not to exceed seven)

(not to exceed 15)

(not to exceed six)

(not to exceed 12)

(not to exceed six)

(not to exceed five)

(not to exceed three)

Travel Cousultants                                           

Airline Representatives

Tourism Office Representatives

Hotel/Motel/Resort Representatives

Cruise Line Representatives

Tour Operator Representatives

Media and Rep Firms

Ground Transportation

Trip Insurance Providers